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Planning now for Winter 2013 / 2014!

Opening day will be held at the Ramkota in Sioux Falls, SD.  For hotel reservations call 605-336-0650 and reference the Successful Farming Marketing Academy.

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Why Successful Farming Marketing Academy?

Farm markets are more volatile than ever the last two years. In 2012 it was especially challenging, as the worst drought in 50 years dropped corn and soybean yields sharply lower, and prices rallied to all-time highs. In 2013 weather was still a challenge, however farmers harvested a huge corn crop and futures dropped back to the lowest price since 2010. For most farms, your profits over the last two years were largely determined by how well you managed your marketing. Now more than ever, with less government support payments, your farm’s success--even survival--depends on your ability to use basic and advanced marketing tools.

But the markets have changed as much as farming has. Today’s markets have new hours, new tools, new fundamentals, and new patterns. How can you get caught up, while still running your farm?

We designed the Successful Farming Marketing Academy for farmers like you.

How does it work?

The Successful Farming Marketing Academy is a winter marketing school for farmers. Each course requires an "opening day" of classes at one of four locations, and nine week-night sessions online. Yes, there is homework, there are quizzes, and there is a class photo! But we’re in this with you. We encourage students to enroll with their farm partner, whether spouse, in-law, or parent. We want you to be a better, more successful farm marketer. That’s the final ‘grade’, after all!

Al Kluis
The Instructors

Al Kluis

Al Kluis has been a commodity advisor and broker since 1976. He is president and managing partner of Kluis Commodities in Wayzata, Minnesota. Al is an introducing broker with R.J.O'Brien.

Al is also a writer. He writes a column,…

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The Courses

Introductory Marketing

The Introductory Marketing course is designed to teach basic trading and risk management…

Complete Course Descriptions...

As a younger farming couple we have spent most of our married years focusing on growing our farming acres and producing better yields. Sadly, we have very much neglected to focus time on how we market our crops. In the last couple years we have reached a point where we feel comfortable with our production and we are happy with the amount of acres we farm. Now we realize that by not being on top of the marketing game, we have missed out on some top dollar gains - gains that would have been a real asset during last year’s drought. Lincoln and I have both picked up tidbits of…


Trinnade Hughes
Nevada, MO